Prepare for the impact of Coronavirus with a Business Continuity Plan that keeps your organisation running whilst protecting your employees. 

Benjamin Franklin said it best:  By failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail.

A well-developed, structured and rehearsed business continuity plan (BCP) will assist your business in recovering from an incident as quickly as possible when faced with a risk. Whilst the number of cases of Coronavirus in the UK is increasing and presents an immediate risk, there are a whole range of scenarios which a business may face over time.  These include office floods, power failures, road closures, natural disasters and extreme weather conditions.

For any business, maintaining overall employee productivity in challenging conditions is very important.  However, maintaining the smooth running and capacity of its contact centre is of paramount importance to business continuity.

At Cirrus we are taking every precaution possible to maintain staff safety during this outbreak of Coronavirus.  We are also 100% focussed on enabling our staff to continue to deliver exceptional customer care to our extensive network of partners and clients.   We have activated our well-established Business Continuity Plan (BCP) which includes detailed actions for how we will keep delivering your services in the event of a pandemic. 

Our business continuity measures are well grooved because we have put them into practice ourselves!

Some of the key measures we have put in place since we became aware of the Coronavirus include:

  • Activating remote working arrangements
  • Introducing a proactive employee hygiene and safety programme
  • Where we depend on a physical presence, identifying backup plans to continue essential activities

As a result, our customers are continuing to receive seamless service, irrespective of the location of their Cirrus point of contact.

At Cirrus, we are also providing our customers with the capability to respond to critical situations through the following range of solutions:

  1. Instant Business Continuity Disaster Recovery
  2. Homeworking solution
  3. Email management, chat, social management, SMS and voice calls from home
  4. Receive PCI compliant payments via Link Pay+ from anywhere 

We are confident that Cirrus will continue to deliver a high quality of service to you, irrespective of Coronavirus or any other potential eventuality.

If you would like to discuss how we could help with your organisation’s business continuity planning, including remote working arrangements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.